Wedding Photography Packages

5 Hours (Ceremony & Reception) for only $850

We will email you link to download all you images with full rights and ownership to all of your images.

Package Discounts - Receive free $675 valued flush mount premium photo album when you combine Photo, Video, Up-lighting & PhotoBooth.

Includes up to 5 hours coverage, beginning at any location within MD, VA or DC area before ceremony location.

We are dedicated in providing quality photography coverage for your wedding at an affordable price. A Treasured Wedding Photography is committed to capturing all of the details of your special day. We use combination of Classic Photography and a Photojournalistic approach. Every wedding package comes with the ability to view all of your photo on your private web page. This means that you and your guests can view all of your wedding pictures online after your wedding.

-Each additional hour Coverage Time you add to the package is only an extra $225 per hour.

-Add my assistant photographer for $350 if you have over 150 freinds and family attending your wedding.

Package includes all of the following:

-Professional picture quality

-Unlimited high resolution images/pictures

-Soft Reflective Portrait Lighting System

-Pre-ceremony establishing & detail shots

-Bride getting ready with Bridesmaids, family & friends

-Groom getting ready with Groomsmen, family & friends

-Guest arriving


-Formal portraits with bridal party, friends and family

-Pre-reception establishing & detail shots

-All of the events throughout your reception

-1 High resolution DVD with full rights and ownership to all of your images.

-All pictures will be placed on your private web page for viewing and ordering based on package.

We reserve the entire day for you, so please let us know if you need additional coverage time.


-Each additional hour Coverage Time you add to the package is only $225 per hour.

-20 slides (10 X 10) Premium Flush Mount Album: $675 ($495 for each additional parent album copy)

All of your selected images are carefully mounted on durable hard backed pages with a beautiful book-style binding.

Your flush mount album is a perfect heirloom for customers who prefer a slightly more traditional album style. Your album will hold up to 50 images.

We will design the album for you! Once the album is layout is finished, we will send you an on-live link/ slideshow for your approval. Albums come with a protective box.

Photographry Gallery

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washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographry-affordable-quality5 (Small).JPG
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washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographry-affordable-quality3 (Small).JPG
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographry-affordable-quality2 (Small).JPG
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographry-affordable-quality1 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography9 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography5 (Small)sp.jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography5 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography4 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography2 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography13 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography12 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography11 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography10 (Small).jpg
washington-dc-baltimore-maryland-best-photographer-photo-affordable-photography1 (Small).jpg
qualtity-best-photo-baltimore-washingtondc2 (Small).jpg
quality-best-photo-baltimore-washingtondc1 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc9 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc8v (Small).JPG
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc8b (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc8 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc6 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc58 (Small).JPG
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc57 (Small).JPG
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc56 (Small).JPG
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc55 (Small).JPG
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc5 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc41 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc40 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc39 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc38 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc37 (Small)bw.jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc37 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc36 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc35 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc34 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc33 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc32 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc31 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc30 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc3 (Small)bw.jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc3 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc29 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc28 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc27 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc26 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc25 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc24 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc23 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc22 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc21 (Small)sp.jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc21 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc20 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc2 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc19 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc13 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc12 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc11 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc10 (Small).jpg
photo-video-photograher-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc1 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc8 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc6 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc3 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc2b (Small).JPG
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc2 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc15 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc14 (Small).JPG
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc11 (Small).jpg
photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc1 (Small).jpg
a-photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc9 (Small).jpg
a-photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc13d (Small).jpg
a-photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc13c (Small).jpg
a-photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc13b (Small).jpg
a-photo-photographer-photography-baltimore-maryland-washingtondc13 (Small).JPG

The Baltimore Sun Published Articles and Blogs about Us

A Wedding to Remember

Photography Package of A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC


Owner of "A Treasured Wedding Photo & Video-Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC," Eric Hartlieb, assures couples that he will take care of their wedding plans and needs particularly when it comes to producing beautiful pictures. He does this by utilizing exquisite backgrounds and capturing moments during the couple's special day. As a dedicated professional photographer who is an expert in his field, Eric Hartlieb and his team makes sure that the Bride and Groom will have pictures that will serve as beautiful memories for their entire lifetime together.

"A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" uses a combination of classic photography and a photojournalistic approach. In addition to that, every wedding package comes with the ability to view all of the couple's photos on their private web page. This means that they and their guests can view all of the wedding pictures online after the wedding.

A Treasured Wedding Provides Quality Photos,Videos & Up-Lighting

"A Treasured Wedding" is a professional photography and videography company that is owned by Eric Hartlieb. The company is known to execute photos and videos of each wedding event with utmost professionalism and expertise. Couples get a real taste on how to truly glow with the aid and direction of Eric Hartlieb who ensures Brides and Grooms that the shoots and the documentation of photos and videos are done on the sidelines and in a non-obtrusive way.

In order to showcase the sparkle and radiance of a couple's wedding day, "A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" uses a reflective portrait lighting system. On top of that, Eric Hartlieb can produce an elegant video that enhances the beauty and dignity of the Bride and Groom during this very special day. Armed with a goal of delivering superb services along with high quality products for customers, A Treasured Wedding Photo, Video & Up-Lighting -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" offers professional photography and videography coverage that can truly give a unique and creative reminder of the most important day of a couple's life - their wedding. After all, special moments can only be captured once and making it last forever is the promise of "A Treasured Wedding."

More Details on the Photography Package of A Treasured Wedding

Owner Eric Hartlieb, of "A Treasured Wedding," offers more than just taking photos during weddings; his aim is to preserve the emotion and the sentiments of the couple's very special day. This is because he wants them to look back and remember that this was a very memorable and heartwarming experience that they should never forget. Aside from the standard Photography Package which can be viewed at the website of "A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC," owner Eric Hartlieb also provides professional picture quality, computer editing & cropping, unlimited high resolution images & pictures, soft reflective portrait lighting system and pre-ceremony establishing & detail shots. In addition, A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography-Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" also offers shots of guests arriving, the bride getting ready with bridesmaids; family & friends, the groom getting ready with groomsmen; family & friends, shots of the ceremony, formal portraits with bridal party along with friends & family, pre-reception establishing & detail shots and all of the events throughout the couple's reception.

A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC also offers additional options for the Bride and Groom which includes 20 slides (10 X 10) Premium Flush Mount Album: $675 ($495 for each additional parent album copy) . Couples can use between 50-80 photos (their most favorite ones) on 30 pages of the album. Eric Hartlieb assures his customers that he will design their treasured keepsake which would tell the story of their special day.

A Treasured Wedding Never Lets Special Moments Pass By

As an artist who has a strong passion for photography, Eric Hartlieb enjoys capturing pictures through his lens. As the owner of "A Treasured Wedding Photo, Video, PhotoBooth & Up-Lighting -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC," he is able to share the vision, heart and soul of couples who wishes to capture the fleeting moments of life such as their wedding day. "A Treasured Wedding" is a photography and videography company that boasts of quality service at very affordable prices.

It has always been the goal of Eric Hartlieb and his staff to capture a couple's wedding day in such a way that they would treasure this moment for a lifetime. He wishes to meet the needs of his customers by giving a great deal of attention to details. Eric Hartlieb who wishes to capture the moment as it truly "is" has great love for his craft and for his business.

This is why "A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" is the ideal choice when it comes to creating the perfect wedding video and photo collection for a couple who wishes to treasure this special moment and reminisce this special event for many years to come. "A Treasured Wedding Photography & Videography -Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC" is not only a business but is also a way of expressing emotions, creativity, love and passion. The company notes that it is important for couples to remember every detail of their wedding day and that is why its owner Eric Hartlieb tries to capture those moments with his lens. With more than 20 years of experience, Eric Hartlieb's vision and style for "A Treasured Wedding" is different from other photography and videography companies. This is because he has a strong passion for rich visual storytelling and compelling graphic innovation through his photos and videos. Aside from that, he makes sure that his works reflects the couple's style and taste. Moreover, he finds great pleasure in knowing that a couple enjoyed their special day without knowing that he is there, capturing everything that is happening during the couple's happiest moments.

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